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Xcam2 Wireless Video Camera
Check out this great security camera system at a very affordable price.


Your Search Is Over! Finally, a Security Camera that gives you color video sent without wires to ANY TV within 100 feet and is so simple that anyone can set it up in just minutes! Plus, it's tiny enough to put anywhere and for security outside, this camera is fantastic
Xcam2 Wireless Video Camera
It's all here. The security camera features you want, top quality from the leader in wireless video security and a price that will knock your socks off! No wonder it's America's Most Popular wireless security camera!
  • Tiny Size makes it easy to fit this security camera into any decor!
  • Weather Resistant Case protects from the rain. Use it outdoors without worry!
  • 2.4 GHz Wireless Video transmits up to 100 feet. NO wires to run makes setup quick and easy!
  • 2.4 GHz Wireless Receiver works with any TV so you can monitor your security camera without the added cost of a CCTV security monitor.
  • Easy DIY Setup takes only minutes saving you time and the high cost of professional installation.
  • Expandable X10 Technology makes it easy to add up to 16 cameras to meet your specific video security needs.
  • X10 Quality gives you a security camera solution you can trust to work when you need it.
  • 1-Year Replacement Warranty protects you from unexpected problems and shows our commitment to you.
  • Only $79.99 gets you a complete security camera system including the X10 Wireless Color Security Camera and Video Receiver.

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Xcam2 Wireless Video Camera    Order this Security Camera System with FREE Bonuses Now Only $79.99

"The XCam2 is a tiny, powerful wireless video camera that easily installs anywhere around your home. Delivering live COLOR video to your TV and VCR, the XCam2 combines an analog video camera and 2.4-GHz Wireless transmitter into a single ingenious unit!"

In takes just minutes for anyone to set up this security camera. All you need are basic screwdriver skills. Attach it to the wall with just two screws and then plug in the power supply. Then, on the TV side, just plug in the video receiver and connect it to your TV with a standard RCA video cable (included). X10 Security Camera is Easy to Setup

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